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Understand what
you love


Calendar, Hammer / Galerie de multiples, Paris / 2OO6 AND 2O15

This calendar claims to explain 12 existential phenomena (for example, "Life as a movie") by using technical-scientific modes of representation, such as the cross-section, the scan, the UV video, etc. Sometimes these explanations are based on "scientific truths", sometimes they are invented. Each page plays on a stark contrast between a poetic statement (the title) and its dryly technical representation, and vice versa. A color code replaces the days of the week and changes every month so that the calendar lasts four years, namely 2OO7-1O. A hammer is used to hang the calendar and, following the logic of "Understand what you love", it displays the undulation its handle is subjected to at the moment of impact.

Galerie de Multiples

Graphic design:
Change is good


Martin Argyroglo: 1
Studio RS: 2-4 color:black

Understand what <br>you love
Understand what <br>you love
Understand what <br>you love
Understand what <br>you love

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