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Aztec stool



Aztec codes are among the most popular barcodes used either as links to websites or to display a simple text. Smartphone users can, via a reader app, scan the codes and read the information. Here, the code is linked to a specially written webpage that contains exhaustive information about the object: the origin of the wood, the edition number, the maker, the price, etc. Today, these codes are printed on all sorts of surfaces. Here, it‘s the shape of the object that is determined by the presence of the code. The treetrunk-like base of the stool morphs into a square seat, and the Aztec code has been burnt into the top of the seat using a laser. The artificial code overlays the rings of the wood, which form the natural "code" of the tree.

Galleria Nilufar

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Aztec stool
Aztec stool

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